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Jobshop UK to host Grand Masquerade Ball to raise money for Montacute School

22 Nov 2017
Bournemouth based recruitment specialists Jobshop UK will host a charity Grand Masquerade Ball on 23 February 2018 at the Harbour Heights Hotel in aid of raising funds for...
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CEO of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation to present at Jobshop UK Director’s Lunch

26 Oct 2017
We are delighted to announce that the CEO of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, Kevin Green, has been announced as the guest speaker at the Jobshop UK Director’s Lunch...
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Mark Constantine makes major announcement about Lush's UK commitment at the Director's Lunch

24 Oct 2017
We were delighted to once again welcome Lush CEO, Mark Constantine, as our speaker for the October Director’s Lunch, and even more delighted that Mark chose our event to announce...
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Jobshop UK crown Mary Gleeson ‘Temp of the Year!’

23 Oct 2017
Bournemouth based recruitment consultants, Jobshop UK, has crowned super-temp, Mary Gleeson, ‘Temp of the Year’ for her roles in assisting local companies across the area. Mary,...
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29 Sep 2017
Our next Director’s lunch is on Wednesday 11th October 2017 and we are delighted to have guest speaker Mark Constantine, CEO of Lush Cosmetics. Lush has its retail headquarters in...
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Dorset’s employers advised to keep abreast of salary trends in order to secure the best talent

25 Sep 2017
Bournemouth based independent recruitment consultants, Jobshop UK, has expressed concerns that some Dorset employers are potentially missing out on attracting the best people for...
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Drop in students seeking holiday work rings alarm bells with Jobshop UK

20 Jul 2017
Bournemouth based independent recruitment specialists, Jobshop UK are asking, “where have all the students gone?” With increased financial pressures on students to fund their own...
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Helen and Laurence - Jobshop UK

Introducing Jobshop UK's newest recruits!

11 Jul 2017
Spring and Summer are often referred to as a time of growth and change, and this couldn't be more true for Jobshop UK! We have welcomed two new members of staff to our team in the...
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Jobshop UK host successful Director’s Lunch with The MacGuffin Project founder

26 Jun 2017
Bournemouth based recruitment specialists, Jobshop UK, welcomed The MacGuffin Project founder, Claire Timbrell, as guest speaker at its June 7 lunch held at The Harbour Heights...
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The general election: What changes would we like to see?

26 May 2017
With the upcoming general election looming, people are becoming more politically vocal than ever. Whether it’s talk of Brexit, education or the NHS, people aren’t shying away from...
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