Temp of the Month Martyn is Up To Spec!

Office jobs in Bournemouth
04 Jun 2014

Our Temp of the Month for May has been awarded to Martyn Kingsley!

Martyn has been temping at Specsavers as a leaflet distributor since February. Out in all weather come wind, rain or shine, Martyn can always be found with a cheery smile on his face.

Cherry Yates, Administration Manager at Specsavers said: “Martyn really deserves the award, he is such a lovely chap, always got a smile, sorts himself out with leaflets etc, and loves to chat to staff and customers.  Perfect for the role.

“I think the Temp of the Month is such a lovely idea, I know when I was at the college I just went in and did my job and then when someone appreciates what you do and you are acknowledged for it, it makes it all worthwhile.”

Martin, 62, said: “I love working for Specsavers and must thank Jobshop UK for being the only company to respond to my original job application and for giving me the Specsavers work. I love working for the company as they are all so approachable, I feel a real part of the team even though I am a temp. I enjoy meeting potential customers and working outdoors, and I think I won the Jobshop UK ‘Temp of the Month’ award because I am reliable and friendly.”

Martin was born in Chelsea and worked in the print business for many years until he moved to Poole after his wife’s health deteriorated.

Admin Manager, Cherry, was recruited for Specsavers by Jobshop a few years ago, so it was lovely to have her present the award to Martyn with Tracey and Sharon today. We have also recruited other staff for Specsavers – Jillian and Thea.

Well done, Martyn, you’re a truly Spectacular Temp!