Mark Constantine makes major announcement about Lush's UK commitment at the Director's Lunch

24 Oct 2017


We were delighted to once again welcome Lush CEO, Mark Constantine, as our speaker for the October Director’s Lunch, and even more delighted that Mark chose our event to announce a major new initiative for the brand.  In order to cement its commitment to the UK, Lush has invested £13million by spending £4.6m buying an industrial unit at Witney Road, on the Nuffield Industrial Estate, and intends to spend a further £8.4m doing it up, as a test bed for innovation.  Called Unit 1, or ‘1 Lush,’ it will be a place where staff can try out ideas which can be in production within just 6 to 12 weeks, as well as working on full-scale replicas of flagship stores.  The company will also implement 3D printing technology will enable it to print both products and moulds.

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