Jobshop UK become West Hants Club business partners and highlight the importance of an active lifestyle for a healthy body and mind

12 Feb 2018



Bournemouth based recruitment specialists, Jobshop UK, is delighted to have signed up as business partners with The West Hants Club, Bournemouth, where they will be supporting the talented Academy youngsters at the Club. 

Having built its reputation on long lasting business relationships, as well as an emphasis on strong community links, Jobshop is always enthusiastic and proactive in making a positive contribution to the businesses, organisations and educational establishments it works closely with.  This new relationship with West Hants Club allows them to offer support to the youngsters the Club is nurturing.


Peter Elviss, Chief Executive of The West Hants Club said; “Business Partnerships like those with Jobshop UK provide financial support to cover coaches’ fees, provide clothing and equipment and offer scholarships to talented youngsters who may not normally have access to professional coaches and support.”


Tracey Wood, director at Jobshop UK, said: “We are delighted to be West Hants business partners and are looking forward to an exciting year ahead.  With so much in the news about the importance of introducing exercise into your weekly regime from an early age, and studies showing that physical exercise can help alleviate mental and emotional stress for both children and adults alike, teaming up with West Hants and its endeavours to encourage and support young people with an active lifestyle, is an incredibly important commitment to us. 

“We are also very grateful to the club for donating a 6 month membership prize for the raffle at the Jobshop UK Grand Masquerade Ball held on 23 February to raise funds for our charity of the year, Montacute School.”