HR Forum: Book now for our 26th April Forum

06 Apr 2018


Helen set up her first HR consultancy over 20 years ago. Her current business, Jaluch, supports over 350 businesses with both day to day HR issues as well as providing training services. Helen's personal interests relate to achieving individual and business potential. As well as speaking on topics such as ambition, innovation, motivation and leadership, she frequently delivers lectures and workshops on diversity and inclusion and unconscious bias.

Our unconscious biases affect our decisions, our communications and our behaviours. We all have biases, whether we feel comfortable with that or not, and our biases often shape our view of the world including the staff we manage and the customers we engage with. Whether it's to do with skin colour, height, weigh,age, hobbies, regional accent, educational attainment, or place of birth etc., our biases are often influences by our background, cultural environment and personal experiences. It's a fascinating topic that holds the key to finding a genuine way forward with inclusion for those organisations interested in doing so. As we will be taking approach to this session please do come along ready to share some of your thoughts and ideas.