The general election: What changes would we like to see?

26 May 2017


With the upcoming general election looming, people are becoming more politically vocal than ever. Whether it’s talk of Brexit, education or the NHS, people aren’t shying away from getting to the heart of important matters. But what changes are local businesses hoping to see?

When asked what they’d really like to see as a result of the election, Tracey Wood and Frances Miles, directors of Jobshop UK, commented: “We would want to see the politicians promising to implement mandatory subjects into all schools’ curriculums which focus on a much more practical approach to life skills, which in turn, will benefit all young people and give them more realistic career opportunities. 

We would like to see this in the form of introducing fun, practical ways to learn about subjects relevant in all areas of life, such as accounting, finance, people management and sales, as well as interpersonal skills such as communication, interaction and attitude.”

As experts in recruitment, both Tracey and Frances have a deep understanding of the job market, and how any changes would affect this. They commented:  “Politicians should also be looking at promoting apprenticeships through partnerships with local businesses in order to help fill the skills gap, rather than focusing on pushing kids into further and higher education, when that is not always the best route for a young person.  There are currently serious skills shortages across 73 sectors, including, engineering, IT, education, and healthcare, so we would want to encourage politicians to allocate some resources to be able to train or retrain people”

They also had some interesting insights on how they’d like the government to improve the UK’s economy: “Furthermore, we would like to see politicians making plans to bring manufacturing back to Britain, which would help put more people in work and improve the UK’s economy.  Businesses contribute so much to the economy by way of corporation tax, VAT and employers NI – all of which help support our public sector and health service, so we would like to see the government promoting businesses and supporting them more; particularly when going through tough economic times as we have seen recently with the recession, and repercussions from the on-going Brexit negotiations.”

Whatever the result on 8th June 2017, we hope to see some of these changes rolled out soon.

There was also this piece by Kevin Green for the Guardian which offers an interesting perspective.