CEO of the Year discusses the importance of recruiting the right people for success, at Jobshop UK Director’s Lunch

27 Jun 2018


Bournemouth based recruitment specialists, Jobshop UK, welcomed Edwin Bessant to its May Director’s Lunch, where the Poole born CEO spoke about jointly founding Ceuta Healthcare in 1994, before going on to build it up into the Ceuta Group, currently consisting of twelve companies with offices worldwide.


Having recently been awarded CEO of the Year in the M&A Today Global Awards 2018, Edwin previously worked for blue chip companies such as Cadbury Ltd, Wilkinson Sword and Pfizer Consumer, Edwin put Ceuta’s success down to a defined 'winning culture,’ and discussed how the company’s position as the leading Global ‘integrated consumer outsourcing platform’ organisation within the health, personal care, and food sectors, has been retained by meeting industry needs and delivering flexible and strategic solutions to clients  whilst delivering to their expectations.  


The importance of recruiting the right people within the organisation was also discussed as a key issue, with Edwin explaining that; ‘one bad apple in the barrel, will spoil the barrel,’ and stressing that recruiting the right individuals who will fit in with the company’s core values and culture, could not be under-emphasised.   


Frances Miles, director at Jobshop UK, commented: “It is heartening to hear clients like Ceuta stress the importance of recruiting the right candidate.  The role of an agency recruiter often gets diluted in today’s market with the increase of automated selection processes, internal recruiters, job boards etc.  However, there is nothing that will replace a face-to-face interview with a candidate to really determine their motivators, skills and career aspirations.


“More and more, we are advising our clients to consider candidates based on their skills and aptitude as opposed to their experience and qualifications.  This approach has proved time and time again in a skill-short market to be a successful method to recruiting the most talented people for our clients.”


The next Jobshop UK Director’s Lunch will be held on 11th October where Frances and Tracey will welcome Mark Constantine CEO of Lush as guest speaker.