CEO of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation to present at Jobshop UK Director’s Lunch

26 Oct 2017


We are delighted to announce that the CEO of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, Kevin Green, has been announced as the guest speaker at the Jobshop UK Director’s Lunch on Thursday 16 November, held at The Harbour Heights Hotel, Poole.

Largely credited with helping transform Royal Mail from losing £1 million a day in 2003 to making over £600 million profit in 2007, and a regular contributor to TV and radio, Kevin will use his wealth of professional knowledge and personal insight to draw upon a number of topics, including a discussion on the future of robots and technology in the workplace; will automation contribute to mass unemployment?  What are the opportunities and threats from technological developments, and how should the Government respond?  Kevin will also address why talent is the critical success factor in the future of business; why leadership is more important than ever, and why people will always matter.

   Tracey Wood, Director at Jobshop UK, commented: “Kevin is always a hugely popular speaker due to his broad knowledge and candour.  His presentations always invite much discussion amongst our guests, so this is yet another lunch not to be missed!”


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